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I've always wondered what was with the inter-military rivalry. It did seem like a "nobody picks on my brother but me" kind of attitude.


Good words.


Tun Tavern, November 10, 1775, Philadelphia, PA.How many times I've been past the location, I can't even count, but in those days much sincgfinait to our nation was happening in Philadelphia.Within short walking distance from Tun Tavern is the Betsy Ross house, where Ms. Ross, noted seamstress, crafted the first official flag for our new country.Today, across Arch st. from Betsy Ross House is where Benjamin Franklin rests in peace.From there, can be seen Independence Hall and Carpenter's Hall, where the first Congress met to do its business of the day. Stationed around the perimeter of the two halls are still the all-weather guard posts, painted in their guard post stripes. Here is where people approaching the two halls were challenged by sentries. Now they stand facing the cobble-stoned streets of the past.Our Liberty Bell is housed in its own building nearby Independence Hall, it's practically all tempered glass for all to see the bell. It's a busy attraction.But today, we celebrate what began with a meeting of patriots at Tun Tavern,the United States Marine Corps. The Leathernecks who manned the riggings of our fighting ships to become famous for their marksmanship the world-over. The sea-going soldiers who actually did wear leather, high collars to ward off sword slashes aimed at the neck area.The Corps, whose motto is Semper Fidelis, has abided by those words from its first minute until today, and many of us know what those two Latin words mean; Always Faithful. They have been and are always faithful, God bless them and Happy Birthday to the Corps. I salute you all.

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