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I would no more tell my doctor if I owned famrires than I would tell the local busybody bureaucrats if I owned 6 pit bulls! Such omissions can have consequences. Like a visit from an armed government team of one sort or another. What worries me about the dismissive tone of the linked post towards those who worry about invasive questions from physicians is that they have too much power, and it is growing -- thanks to insurance companies. Hence the above comment:He did apologize, but claimed that he was required to ask by the insurance companies.We are fast approaching a point where lying to a doctor is insurance fraud if it isn't already. Insurance fraud is a crime. And when a doctor is required to ask, how far is that from the patient being required to answer? When doctors have that kind of power, the only redress people have is with legislation. So I am not inclined to dismiss out of hand the concerns of people who feel they need a law. They may!

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