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Kevin McCann

Newsday you do suck. I have made several attempts to reach your Editor. Each time I get a response from Newsday requesting more personnal information. I give it to you as requested. Still I get another e-mail telling me that my comment has not been sent. What the hell do you want? A DNA sample? I commented on Cyber Monday and the Long Island Woman who is in the Army Reserve and does not expect to be called to combat like everyone that was called and defended this country.
Newsday, you Suck. You love to start controversy, but, do not care what people think. All you are intrested in is advertisements and circulars. 20 Pounds a week of paper. Thats it. newsday Sucks. They do not even respond to phone calls. The Idiot that they have working the desk after 6pm in Melville, LI, NY does not even know how or cares to take a message.
Newsday Sucks. Buy any other daily newspaper.

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