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Totally off-topic, but...

I was deleting some spam trackbacks at Gut Rumbles.
After I did that, I just started scrolling through his other hundreds of trackbacks and came across a post of my own, the title of which I didn't recognize.
Turns out it the last post I did before I found out about Rob, back in June.
So, I read my post and the next one and the comments under them and that's where I just found you.

So, all this time later, I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and apologize for not saying this to you much, much sooner and to letcha know I'm blogrolling you... just as soon as I get done here.

My only (feeble) defense for not "seeing" what you said when you said it, or for not retaining it at ALL, is the shock of what happened to him.
Then, suddenly, it was arranged for me to go to Georgia and I did.
Then, when I got home, I kinda lost my mind for a while there, then the twisted course of events that is my own life seem to have taken over again, but...
I finally, REALLY, saw what you said and I do appreciate it.
Thank you again.

Consider yourself 'rolled... and hugged, if that's okay.

Thank you again...

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