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miller media relations

I thought you folks would be interested in receiving the following official statement from Miller Brewing Company regarding the immigration issue:

Miller Brewing Company has never supported illegal immigration and we have always supported the full enforcement of current U.S. laws.

Miller did not sponsor the Labor Day immigration march held in Chicago.

Going forward, Miller will closely review all requests for support from community and charitable organizations to ensure that we are not indirectly funding or associating our name with advocacy efforts on the immigration issue.

We plan to stick to the business of brewing, marketing and selling great beer.

Thanks for your interest in this topic.

David, Chandler, AZ

Miller's official statement comes across as spindrift.


Come now, take a deep breath. Opposing ilelgal immigration does not automatically equate with hatred of ilelgal immigrants. One can certainly take the position that our immigration laws should be strictly enforced, while recognizing that most (not all!) of these immigrants are personally decent people trying to help their families out.But they should not break our laws to do so. Simple as that. Unless you know the hearts and attitudes of all the anti-immigration (really anti-ILLEGAL immigration) folks, you owe them the courtesy of not assuming bad intentions.


You're absolutely right. My potision doesn't indicate otherwise, either. If you read the previous posts on the immigration issue in CT, you will see that I have repeatedly stated that I have no problem with cracking down on illegal immigrants. That's the law and that's the way it is.Some people view this as an attack on all immigrants and in some way, I can understand that too. Especially the part about Danbury banning volleyball outdoors, because it is an important part of the immigrant community.However, I do not endorse and quite frankly am repulsed by the rhetoric that the CT Citizens for Immigration Control engages in.

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