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David Codrea

When you shoot someone, the force of the impact causes them to fly through the air.


A really smart guy can hack into any computer system anywhere with only a few clicks on a mouse.

Everyone in high school is part of an easily identified subgroup- nerd, jock, goth, undercover narcotics operative.

Oh, and you may not get a knuckle bruise, but you may need to shake the sting out of your hand. That apparently protects against bruises.

Richard G. Combs

I'm game. Here are a couple of addendums:

5a. But grandmoms beat granddads if present. To simplify, women always beat men, all other things being equal. Tough.

6a. No matter what computer the hero is on or what network/computer she or he is accessing, anything that's really command-line input in a terminal window will instead look like great big blue text in a graphical environment instead.

OK, now here's your challenge: Post your favorite quote (preferably related to blogging or writing) at my latest post.

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