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mark patterson

60,000 died in vietnam, died for nothing, 1800 died in iraq, for nothing, we didn't even get oil.the liar/murderer bush also said IRAQ WOULD PAY FOR THE WAR, IT IS NOW OVER 600 BILLION AND COSTS US NEARLY A BILLION A DAY, WELL IRAQ THE BILL IS DUE, ESPECIALLY WITH THE GULF STATES NOW OBLITERATED. saddam was threatening us, he had nuclear,chemical and biological weapons, colin powell before the U.N showed us the "mobile labs",remember. NOT ONE WEAPON LIKE THAT HAS EVER BEEN FOUND. suckers. now we know, saddam with his sanctions lifted was going to flood the world with his cheap oil. BUSH AND SAUDI MILLIONAIRS,HIS BILLIONAIR BUDDIES WOULD HAVE LOST TRILLIONS, SO GUESS WHAT, "SADDAM IS GONNA ATTACK, 9/11,9/11, HE GOT NUCLEAR WEAPONS POINTED AT US",SUCKERS ,EVEN THE DEMOCRATS BELIEVED HIM. now we are in vietnam, idiots expect us to support the liar and his murder, sorry, ain't gonna happen

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